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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

11-1-11 11:11 am, 11:01 pm

Binary dates and times, photographed by me, Joy Krauthammer  ©

11-11-11 -  November, 11 2011
Celebration of Oneness and Love

Around the world, people are celebrating Oneness through music, chant, dance, meditation, prayer, drums, ritual, and ceremony. With our hearts and spiritual energy, let’s celebrate being alive, Oneness, and ask for healing for our universe. - Joy

The auspicious date of 11:11:11 has long been predicted as a gateway to a new consciousness - a point in time when human beings are offered the opportunity to cross the threshold into a higher dimension of frequency and light. As the cogwheels of the universal time lock click into place, a doorway will open that holds the potential for humanity to birth the enlightened consciousness of oneness and love. The master number 11 relates to the birthing and anchoring of the new - it signals mastery of the physical realms as we get ready to step forward into the higher dimensions of frequency and light that are opening for us now.” 
Renata and Steven, Rainbow Medicine Circle

I stayed up until midnight last night to get the first shots at the 11-1-11 Midnight AM, and then this morning in the 11-1-11  11 AM,  and tonight in the 11-1-11   11 PM!
It was a challenge lining up all the possibilities in order to photograph them to their best advantage!
Both on computer and on cell phone!
And I even got them all edited, enhanced and posted on 11-1-11 @ 11 something PM!

These are just the preparatory shots, practice for the big ONE!  11-11-11!

Why is it impossible to find a digital Calendar on the web?
Can my cell go from analogue to digital?
Please help me find web calendars that read 11-11-11.
Is there a TV station that posts the date and time?

Yes, I also did this on 7-7-7 at 7 AM when I was in New Mexico giving a workshop on Holy # 7's.
I think I did it in 10-10-10 and 1-1-11.
I love gematria so I'm not surprised that these dates interest me.
I even love it at times when I look at the clock and it says: 11:11 am or pm.
I do this with the thermostat also. oy vey. I'll find that photo.

Do you recognize the pink BEAR in the cell phone?
It is the pink bear used as my Blogger ID photo!
Given to me as a gift to make me feel better, when I was caregiver.

Thanks, Faye, for loaning me your camera!
and showing me Apple's System Preferences!
I called Apple to ask for a 11-1-11 calendar, and they didn't even know they had ONE!!!


love this ONE on the right.
11-1-11 @ 11:11 am
11 hours and 11 minutes into the day
...and on the left
11-1-11 @ 1 minute am into the day

This image actually displays the 11/1/11 at 11 pm and 11 and 1 minute

This image shows 11 hours pm, 11 minutes, and 11 seconds on 11-1-11

/\ Above and Below \/
11-1-11 @ 11 minutes into the am

Screen shot gadgets
11.11.11 first 38 seconds!

This image shows 11 hours, 10 minutes on 11-1-11

and with my sister's camera.

Looks like I was preparing for 11-11-11
back on 1-1-11

Here's my 111*F purple truck thermostat on September 11, 2011

photos by Joy  ©

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