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Saturday, November 12, 2011

PORTAL 11.11.11.

by Ron Wescott
11.11.11 SUM rehearsal at Onion
photos © Joy Krauthammer

Happy day of Oneness  11.11.11 lingers in my soul.


- Joy Krauthammer

I feel truly blessed to give service as sound healer. In awareness with kavanah / spiritual intention, just aside the very inside center of the entire ‘Onion’’s chapel room-sized mandala, prepared for 11-11-11, I sat with my heart chakra crystal singing bowl. Hundreds of people in an interfaith service meditated, walking through the crystal mandalas-- a labyrinth. Sometimes I stood, playing for individuals that I knew would love and appreciate the intimate healing sounds of the singing bowl.

Kabbalah Bach joined me. I had only asked for a moment of time to play, to ring in the 11.11.11 portal of peace, preceding the beautiful OHM chant following candles lighting, with Spiritual Unity Movement’s (SUM)*  meditation. I had requested to play only one circle of sound. One circle of sound with my wand caressing the crystal would have sufficed. Patrick Harbula, SUM’s president, asked Ron Wescottt, ** the creator of the Medicine Wheel Mandala, and he thought that in addition to “accompanying the Ohm”, we could play during the entire few hours-long mandala meditation. 

I felt our sound spa were rain drops rising up, coming together in a pond. A sound blesSing pond.*** Sometimes I think we are a ladder to heaven when we have our bowls at different heights. Mine may be in my hand, raised, as Kabbalah’s heavier bowl sits with her. We combine heavens and earth. Kabbalah and I play with each other’s sounds, and around each other, and through each other, listening to the drops of sound as they circle, vibrate, reverberate, ring and sing, bathing all in a sound spa, as our magic wands stroke the vessels, and return again and again, and tingle, cascade and echo. Some sounds transform into crystals, and play with each other. The Onion’s wooden dome, circulated the sounds. Our intention is to be subtle as we support the meditation, and focus is strengthened.

I feel less than whole if Kabbalah is not playing for a round in our symphony. Kabbalah off to join the walkers in the crystal Medicine Wheel Mandala labyrinth for her personal meditation, and I missed her.

During the entire time we played, finest violinist Dov was playing his music as the invited guest musician for 11-11-11. Until that moment, I had not seen Dov in a couple of decades. It was another dimension to weave in and around with Dov’s ethereal original new age music which he composed for this ceremonial ritual. His playing is divine. When I walked the mandalas, I was embraced and uplifted by Dov’s music.

At the same time, Ron Wescott was offering the sensitive and thoughtful spiritual guided meditation walks for all the groups of 12, as they entered and walked through the 12 wheels of the Mandala. Ron called it a “birthing experience”. It was powerful to stand and receive his visualizaiton guidance to open personal, universal, and planetary portals.

I wish I had had my own camera while in the center of the mandala to share with you. The sight I saw was glorious. People's fingers linked in mudra positions. Arms linked via fingers joining, forming bodily V shapes all around the room, around and within the mandalas; from the floor vision, and looking out at the concentric rows and rows of supportive souls surrounding us. It appeared as a universe all joined together in Oneness. What I saw, reflected the awesome, magnificent designs in the mandalas. At rehearsal, the dozen of us had envisioned one row of supportive rows, and the next night with so many guests at the ceremony, there were a few enlarged rows encircling behind the mandala walkers.
Entering the Portal of 11.11.11 was mamash / truly an awesome gathering.
I am grateful that Patrick has the vision to bring the stars and full moon together with ONES for this spiritual gathering. Thank you, Ron, Patrick, Dov and SUM team, for the gift; for their preparation set-up, and delivering additional meditations surrounding the Walk.
I loved serving The Holy One in joy, and being supportive to the others in meditation.
I also loved being in the circle walking the mandalas, receiving the over flowing love sent out to all, by Ron, and receiving Dov's divine gentle music. I am still smiling.

Kabbalah and I play Tibetan and crystal singing bowls together wonderfully well  (we feel the love spirit between us), thus I was excited to invite her into the transformed Onion setting, which for years, we know.  I first played drums at a Shabbat service at the Onion in 1996. Last week, at Remo, we were a symphony for Women’s Drum Day, as we have been for a couple decades at occasional spiritual and ARTS gatherings. I am grateful for those shared moments with this wise woman.
* SUM Mission Statement: To celebrate the spiritual unity of all life and raise the consciousness of light and love through community meditation and education and to inspire and empower those who attend the World Healing Meditation Ceremonies and all of humanity with the life transforming experience of Healing, Oneness, and Unity.  
We are SAVING OUR PLANET FROM THE INSIDE!*** Bracha, a blessing; Braycha, a pond (Hebrew)
** Ronald Wescott is an energy worker and and multi-dimensional teacher. His practice of Ancient Galactic Wisdom, Mayan, Lemurian, Atlantian, American, Tibetan and Hindu rites are far-reaching. Ron created "the original" Medicine Wheel Mandala in 1993 after ten years of research in geometric studies. This divine instrument was brought forth from creation to assist in the evolution of this planet Earth, and to benefit the variety of life forms including the Divine Light Being (the Hu-MAN).
*** Bracha, a blessing; Braycha, a pond (Hebrew)

Joy Krauthammer and Kabbalah Bach, 
Crystal singing bowls playing sisters
prepare for the people to enter the Mandala.
11-11-11 Spiritual Unity Movement
Crystal Medicine Wheel Mandala
© Patrick Harbula, SUM

Rob Wescott with copper grid from beneath his Medicine Wheel Mandala 11.11.11
interlocking finger mudras
photos and collage © Joy Krauthammer

Joy loving the small crystal mandalas in the Medicine Wheel Mandala.
© Yda Ziment
~ ~ ~


  1. Hi Joy,
    ... The ceremony was amazing. Thank you for your participation in the movement of our planet through the shift.

  2. Joy! you are the epitome of your name and it's a positively wonderfilled experience being in the beauty of your auric energy! You're participation in the 11:11:11 Portal event was so good! It was truly wonderful holding the space of spiritual energy with you, Kabbalah and our crystal singing bowls! AND, your photography is gorgeous! I re-lived the event just by tuning in to the sacred geometry crystal grids in all your photos! Namaste, Love and Big Hugs! Florence"Gaia Mama"Riggs

  3. Dear Florence,
    You make me feel soooo good reading your words to me. Feel the heart smile stretched across my face. I love you.

  4. WOW!


  5. Hi Joy,
    These photos are fantastic. I’m going to upload some to my facebook, and I encourage everyone else to do the same.
    Just awesome!
    May your highest visions be fulfilled!

  6. Done! Thanks Joy for the photos – can’t wait for tonight - xo
    Liz Curran

  7. HI Joy,
    I am so glad that you jumped in with your service.
    Thanks again for your willingness to share.
    You honor SUM and you honor those who attend our wonderful meetings.
    Many many blessings,

    president, Spirituality Unity Movement


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