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Friday, July 5, 2013

Tomato Time

Tomato Time

It's summer time, July 4th and 
My first tomato, yay.

Edith the 90 years young gardener, gave me the seedlings she started and I planted several in my garden.
I cut out lawn to make a new garden. Bought tomato cages and fences, dirt, mulch, dug holes and I planted and watered.

Here's two ripe orange pear-shaped tiny tomatoes. I ate one and a creature ate the other a few hours later.  :(

© Joy Krauthammer

© Joy Krauthammer

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Exhibited Art


Creative Soul’s 4th Annual Celebration of Creativity  
October 12 - November 2, 2014   The Creative Soul Gallery, NY 

Pomegranates / Rimonim
© Joy Krauthammer 
Creative Soul’s 4th Annual Celebration of Creativity   
October 12 - November 2, 2014   The Creative Soul Gallery, NY
Especially happy to be in the Creative Soul Gallery during the High Holidays
because this is Z'man Simchateinu, Season of our JOY.
Every year I love to photograph pomegranates/rimonim.
I was thrilled to discover the full pomegranate hanging with a Magen Dovid from the tree.

My art has been exhibited with Creative Soul, and I was a Featured Artist Interview last year.

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Exciting for me to see my Breed Street Shul and nature photos (1980's) in exhibition
 ("Ethics of Our Fathers and Mothers") of 
Rare Books from Breed Street Shul at American Jewish University

While I was present, librarian Jackie Ben Efraim toured a synagogue through the secured private Rabbi Neches collection and Pirkei Avot v'Imahot exhibit. 
Directly behind framed Breed Street Shul photo in glassed room are OLD bibles from 1500's! 
© Joy Krauthammer 
(Photo was from my darkroom days.) 
See Breed Street Shul story:

Runs concurrently with Treasuring Treasure in the Platt/Borstein Galleries. 2014

Pirkei Avot Rare Books 
American Jewish University
© Joy Krauthammer 

Pirkei Avot Rare Books 
American Jewish University
© Joy Krauthammer 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

More Published Art

More Published Art

Faye's Phalaenopsis
I'm thrilled my sister's orchid is used on my photo card.
Orchid photo used for congregation donation acknowledgement card

Ahavat Torah Donation Card
© Joy Krauthammer

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Feels good to be a Creative Soul Featured Artist Interview:


Happy that American Guild of Judaic Art shares my Featured Artist link

~ ~ ~
Japanese Cherry Trees
Lake Balboa © Joy Krauthammer 

Photos and Poem Published by City of Los Angeles

... and more...

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Santa Susanna State Historical Park published Joy's photos of Jan. 1, 2014 public hike.
~ ~ ~

Photos from Dancing With My Soul retreat 1.23-25.2015
published in LEV EISHA newsletter Feb. 2015:

~ ~ ~

Poem and Photo added to LEV EISHA newsletter:

© Joy Krauthammer
Published in Lev Eisha news, Jan. 2014

~ ~ ~ 

FUN to have your photos published in organizations' new web sites
taken by you, and you in them.
These are the cover photos for main and additional sections
and a colored filter reduces brightness of images:

Joy's Timbrels, cover photo
published in Lev Eisha new website, Feb. 2014
© Joy Krauthammer

Joy's talleisim collage cover photo
published ongoing in Lev Eisha new website, March 2014
 Says, "A Place for Spritual Growth."
© Joy Krauthammer

"Weave sacred vestments out of glory and splendor."
- Exodus 28:2

Original collage before purple filter is added:

Talleisim cover photo.
Created photo collage this week from friends' talleisim. 
Some friends made their own.  Ahh, lots of purple! 
Happy that collage is now the cover photo for a shul's website.
© Joy Krauthammer

Lev Eisha Dancing With My Soul retreat
Joyous Nature Photo Walk  2015
© Joy Krauthammer 

Lev Eisha Dancing With My Soul Retreat Closing Circle
© Joy Krauthammer  2015

Lev Eisha Retreat Closing Circle
© Joy Krauthammer  2013

Lev Eisha Retreat Closing Circle
© Joy Krauthammer

Joy, Sarah, Robin, Sharon
Lev Eisha at Wagner Women Weekend
my camera 2013

Lev Eisha Dancing With My Soul retreat
Joyous Nature Photo Walk  2015

Joy's timbrel leading women in dance Aviva's bridal shower
Aviva, Joy, Karen R, Karen W, Hare
 cover photo published in Lev Eisha new website, Feb. 2014
© Aaron Kirsch

~ ~ ~

Happy that my photos taken of Lev Eisha women at Wagner Women retreat 
are included in Lev Eisha April 2014 newsletter.
Lev Eisha Logo

A joyous community of Jewish women engaged in
prayer, study and spiritual growth  

Newsletter/April 2014

Wagner Women Celebrate Purim 2014

The weekend of March 14th found an enthusiastic group of women enjoying each other's friendship, sharing Shabbat, celebrating Purim, and marveling at the beauty of nature at Brandeis-Bardin in Simi Valley. For over 30 years women from all over California and beyond have come together for this special weekend. 
Lynn Beliak and mom Edith Ballonoff
LEPREKAUFMANs Carol Kaufman and daughter Gabrielle Levanthal.
The Queen
The Queen
Rabbi August always does an amazing job as our spiritual leader and teacher. Cindy, Joy, and Robin brought their usual vitality and ruach to the weekend. There was an opportunity to join in the singing, dancing, hiking, and workshops. There was also time to relax with friends - both old and new, to read, or to enjoy exploring the property and commune with nature.

Saturday night, after Havdalah, several of our women, under Cindy's guidance, performed a Purim Shpiel based on "Westside Story" called "Middle Eastside Story". The songs, costumes, and adapted story had us laughing and cheering all evening! Congrats to all participants - you were "maahvelous"!
Marion Klein
Robin Winston and mom Myrna Kayton
Robin Winston and mom Myrna Kayton

Lynn Beliak and mom Edith Ballonoff
Lynn Beliak and mom Edith Ballonoff
Marion Klein, Louise Feinberg, and Annie Cindy singing Pete Seeger songs
with Cindy Paley and Robin Winston
Wagner Weekend March 2014 - Closing ceremony
Closing Ceremony
Participants brought their beautiful talleisim, 
which Joy so artfully arranged 
in this photo collage
Thank you to Joy Krauthammer for her beautiful photographs.

Reduced size screen shots:

~ ~

LEV EISHA annual retreat  2018
photo collages  © Joy Krauthammer

~ ~ ~

Facebook group
April 2014
~ ~ ~

Lev Eisha Newsletter October 2014
Creative Soul Gallery

See other post. 

~ ~ ~

TED TALKS, Ben Gurion University, Israel,
photo of me "in action as photographer" (© Stephanie Smith)
used by Yosef Adest to illustrate 52 Frames.

Screen Shot of Ted Talk

Yosef Adest, 52 Frames CEO, May 2014
Joy Krauthammer on Apple store floor shooting "Furniture" 
for 52 Frames weekly theme challenge.
Screen shot from Ted Talk Live Stream
© Stephanie Smith  

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Published Art

I'm thrilled and grateful that this week five of my art pieces (that I'm aware of) have been published in various venues:
 poem, paintings and Pesach photos.  - Joy

Orange on the Seder Plate

Photographed at Lev Eisha women's Seder,
 and published by Malibu JC&S Newsletter for their Seder
 © Joy Krauthammer
Exodus Midrash by Rabbis Phyllis Ocean Berman and Arthur Ocean Waskow
"The Looooong Narrow Pharaoh and The Midwives Who Gave Birth to Freedom"
published by The Shalom Center in The Shalom Report
is illustrated by Joy's  silk painting of Miriam and the Women.

" ... A brother put his hand in the river: 
'I dream that my sister will dance through the water to freedom.' "

Miriyahm and the Women Dance
Exodus 15:20
one side of Pesach Pillow case
Published by The Shalom Center for Pesach
 © Joy Krauthammer

B'nai Horin kiddush
photo © Joy Krauthammer 
published in shul's newsletter this month.
"Join us at Passover where we break matzoh instead of challah!"
Today I Am A Pot
Because of the Exodus and being a Bat Chorin / free woman, I can ___
How about YOU?
Poem by  © Joy Krauthammer
published in American Ceramic Society's ACS-DC Newsletter


Simchat Chochmah celebration program cover
I was blessed to mentor Sherri on Joy of Wisdom journey.
silk painting by  © Joy Krauthammer


only the ones that I remember to post...

I traveled to visit my grandbaby in rainy Maryland from sunny California, and I shot CITYSCAPES. As a member of 52 Frames photo group, this was our week's theme. Turned several photos into a short slide show. 1:34  
Likes and Comments are always appreciated.
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Rose Parade 2013 with Joy

Tournament of Roses

Dew Drop By, English Fairy Garden detail

Rose Parade 2013 © Joy Krauthammer (all photos)


The Rose Parade was so much fun in Pasadena at the Tournament of Roses.
It wasn't much warmer than on the East coast. Brrr
I was sitting at the curb by 5 AM and it was frosty cold. 
Here's a select few of the photos I shot.
I'm glad there was plenty of my favorite color at the Parade.

124th ROSE PARADE.  
Theme, "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" 
Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 
Tuesday, January 1, 2013,  8-10 AM; 38* cloudy. 

Photographs by JOY Krauthammer ©

iMovie slide show by Joy Krauthammer  ©
with guidance from Apple pals: 
Casey, Stephie and Jordan Z. Thank you.
I'm grateful that friends Judy, Jerry and Deana shlepped and fed me in the wee hours.
Thank you to all the Rose Parade 2013 participants. You're FANTASTIC!
Enjoy and thank you for watching.

In addition to watching the Parade (and having the joy of seeing Remo drummer friends on floats), going to see the finished floats later is also a pleasure. A couple times I've gone to the float decorating, and I have witnessed the care and patience that float decorators use.

You can see that I have passion for both a particular color and certain instruments. (I am a performing percussionist and a purple person.) I love the physical shapes of other instruments, and the patterns how they appear to me in marching band formation. Different cultures, costumes, colors, whimsical characters, animations, animals and of course flowers--roses always delight me and I grow them. The participants' talents and skills amaze me. Their smiles bring me joy.

The Parade is filled with meaning on many levels. My heart feels deeply when social actions and humanitarian caring and compassionate causes are displayed, filled with good deeds and love; and human connections are made and also with animals. (Did you see the partial view of my teen idol, primatologist Jane Goodall, in the pageantry of the Grand Marshal carriage?) The components of the floats and Parade are awesome. In one heart-warming photo I include for Donate Life are portraits of 'heart organ donors' held by donor recipients. I was so touched by medical theme floats that I didn't photograph most of them.  (Everyone cheers when volunteer 'pooper scoopers' follow equestrian units.) 

If you wonder why I include the Air Force B-2 Stealth Bomber, it is because for many years I watch the Parade "fly-overs" and other B-2 flights, and have never gotten a good shot, certainly not directly over my head, of the Stealth Bomber.  With a lot of sky around the B-2, the photo also made for good Title slides.  The Blimp overhead, too, was a rare occurrence.

May you be blessed throughout the new year, 2013, and all years.
- Joy Krauthammer

You Tube Photo NOTES:
President rides in 1940 Packard Darrin One-Eighty Victoria Convertible. 
Dutchmen hand-painted roses on wooden shoes.
Stagecoach 1860's replicas. 
Packard Standard Eight 1936. 
Trader Joe's ship of produce. 
California: Disneyland's Cars Land. 
Tractor, one of 31 classic tractors.
Purple Octopus on Deep Sea Adventures.
Cowgirl Chicks on rescue horses.
Remo drum heads everywhere.
U. of Wisconsin Badgers, 99th Rose Bowl Game, New Year's Day.
Tambourines and 30 women.
Old World chariot, fully restored, 4 Pinto American Saddlebreds.
Adopt a Pet. 
China, Cycling Through Paradise. 
A Healing Place, The Nurses Float, caring... wise. 
Medieval Times' knight in armor.
Alex Theatre, Glendale, purple canopy, Living the Good Life. 
Banda El Salvador band and folkloric dancers traveled by bus.
Tuva upturned shoes.
B-2 flyover training mission.
The City of San Gabriel, founded 1771, commemorates 100th birthday as incorporated city.
Designer, Raul Rodriquez and Blue Hyacinth Macaw, Sebastian on Dreaming of Paradise, Dole float.
I love the person standing in the window of shot with three Hondas.
People in windows never showed up until the Parade began, unlike those of us waiting curbside in the night's cold weather.
MIA photo of nonconformist fun Stanford band.
Photo of Eagle of Tuvan wrestler. MIA photo of Tuva singers. 
Tuvans have a sensitivity and deep understanding of nature, thus wear up-turned shoes so that they walk lightly on the earth.
(Even after the Parade I learn so much from Ondar's drone:
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiSuW0KEEfQ  Listen to learn at 2:12 minutes )

Rose Parade FACTS:
5.4 miles of
42 floral floats
23 marching bands 
21 equestrian units 
700,000 spectators including me
Pre-dawn hours frosty temperatures.
                                              ~ ~ ~

Rose Parade, Tournament of Roses, 2013, Pasadena, California, Joy Krauthammer, fun, music, dancing, floats, marching bands, drums, Jane Goodall, Honda, Marine Corps, Peace, roses, flowers, creativity, animals, dogs, horses, children, percussion, tambourines, cheer leaders, Dr. Seuss, Royal Court, cowgirls, cowboys, Indonesian, Canadian, Mexican, Equestrian, Banda El Salvador, Disney, LAUSD, ASIMO, love, Granada Spain, wedding, riders, family, horses, Oh, the Places You'll Go, Tuva wrestlers, B-2, Stealth Bomber, Remo, New Years Day, 99th Rose Bowl, Disney Cars Land, University of Wisconsin. 
    ~ ~ ~

ROSE PARADE Spectator's Personal Report
   - Joy Krauthammer

The Rose Parade was so much fun. 
It wasn't too much warmer than on the East coast. Brrr. I was sitting at the curb by 5 AM and it was cold. 

Up at 3 am, oy vey, and breakfast prepared by hostess friend Judy: warm baked buns and scrambled eggs. After eating, we left and picked up people along the way, and drove to Pasadena and found our reserved viewing area and found FRONT ROW for our chairs, cushions, blankets, hats, scarves, gloves and warmers and heavy picnic basket. (I felt as if I was at the Hollywood Bowl.)  People had slept on the sidewalk in the cold all night (some with bonfires) and people for rows back were bundled up. 

I wore a hat, a sweat hoodie, and a hooded winter jacket over my head (equals 3 head covering) with wool scarf, long sleeve top, and a vest, and a blanket over that whole mess. Lightweight new synthetic sneakers were useless for warmth even with new warm socks, and new gloves which I took off to photograph 174 times-- lots of drummers and purple flowers and purple dancers. We all had little hand warmers that actually heated our hands (or cheeks)! but I gave mine away to a street guard without gloves who needed warmers more than I.  We didn't freeze too much.

We had to wear colored wrist bands to prove to guards we belong in our section. Met people in the Parade viewing area whom I didn't know, and who knew friends of mine, so it's always a sweet small world.  Thanks to Judy, we ate from the picnic basket the whole time. 

Unlike TV, we don't hear any descriptive float info. I bought a program so I knew what was what, but not all the flower types which by now I should know.  Not easy to read program (which kept falling off blanketed lap), look at floats, and photograph at the same time.

Due to an injury I hadn't been out socially in 3 months until this week, so today on New Years was a big event for me and I had a good time.  I would do it again, I think. We didn't freeze too much. (Maybe it is like pregnancy, and one forgets some of the challenges.)

Enjoy a few of the photos (either alone or in You Tube with music), that I shot in Pasadena at the Tournament of Roses. I'm glad there was plenty of my favorite color at the Rose Parade and friends with whom to share the celebration.

~ ~ ~