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Saturday, May 7, 2011



- Joy Krauthammer

Arriving early at Vista del Mar today for Lev Eisha’s spiritual service, I parked my car in my reserved drummer’s space, right in front of the chapel. I watched as a small car was approaching on the private road. The male car driver and female passenger noticed me staring at the car and acknowledging them. They backed up to come closer, and I acknowledged their personalized vanity auto license plate. 

I asked permission to photograph their plate and they were delighted. "Surprised", they said, that I could decipher what their license message was. I didn't tell them that my serious hobby for decades, is photographing spiritual license plates and have hundreds.  The man said he had a hard time deciding between ONENES and WHOLNES. And the decorated metal silver frame (that the woman chose) was lovely also.  

The couple had just gotten off work at Vista del Mar, the children's foster care residence, and were grateful that they chose this inner road to travel, not their usual path. I, too, am grateful, for having met them, and sharing their joy in life.

I love the shadow in the early morning, of the growing palm tree reflecting on the car, adjacent to the license frame image of the palm trees.

Today is the Kabbalistic Sephirotic Counting of the Omer day #18. 
In the TREE OF LIFE, today is Netzach sh'b Tiferet.  

18 = Chai =  Choosing Life

This third week is TIFERET; compassion, truth and harmony, and today the 4th day of the week is NETZACH; endurance and stepping forth, in beauty and joy.

I stepped forward to the strangers to delight in their truth of their creative and spiritual service, letting their message of WHOLNES * be known.

I have informed myself that going forward in victory, is not only for warriors in war, but for warriors of truth and beauty.

* (Seven letters are allowed on vanity auto plates. Enjoy the photo.)

May 7, 2011

photo, Joy Krauthammer © 

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