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Monday, May 9, 2011



- Joy Krauthammer

For Mother’ Day, I asked for what I wanted and I got it. YAY.

It fascinates me that not only is my new one week old MacBook Pro laptop (a mother’s day or early birthday present to myself), now PURPLE, whereas before it was only sanitary silver colored manufactured universal metal to standard, a “unibody”, and boring in its contemporary sleek form, which did NOT move me in any way, but that NOW it also intrigues me that that my Mother’s Day purple gift is embracing the machine, AND the MacBook Pro feels like IT IS MINE. 

Such an emotional transformation I have experienced as I beautified my writing and photography tool with which I create. It feels like Hiddur Mitzvah to me. With this machine, I do mitzvot. I now relate to the computer emotionally because of the PURPLE cover that I placed over it, top and bottom. I am thrilled with it. And it is the same color purple as the purple computer bag I purchased several years ago but never used.  I never took my laptop anywhere. (It survived with cooking fans and constant renewal of freezer packs—just like my knees after surgery--don’t ask.)

Of course, as I use the open laptop, I won’t even see the color. But taking it in and out of its new purple quilted cloth bag thrills me. Just knowing it is purple, excites me.

Aviva and Brett heard my request for the purple cover as soon as I purchased and received the computer. Usually for Mother’s Day, and my birthday and Chanukah, I always tell my kids:  please, NO gifts, I have no space, but please call and write me a card; I would love that. Sometimes they don’t listen and I do receive a purple tchatzkah that I even like. (I see at this moment, the purple winged female angel perched high on the top of a tall bookshelf, near my flying Balinese female flying angel. The purple lavender plant sent by mail, died.)

I made my request only a couple days before Mother’s Day, and was hugely surprised when the box showed up at my door the night before Mother’s Day. I waited patiently until midnight, as Mother’s Day arrived my time, to open my present.

Was it chutzpah to ask my kids for the little gift I wanted, and even send them the link to Amazon for it? Now I know the price. I’ve never ordered from Amazon and I’d decided that I didn’t want the challenge, so I just ASKED FOR A MOTHER’S DAY GIFT!  J  I’m happy knowing my kids are probably happy that they could send a gift to me that I really like, even though they tolerate my passion for purple. When I visit them, I’ll bring along my new purple laptop, a Vision of Joy. Oh, yes, my kids also called and sent me a card!

This gift also makes me happy because tomorrow would have been my husband’s, z’l, 65th birthday. He was a total computer maven / genius. I feel proud of myself that I didn’t procrastinate, and have researched, chosen and bought for myself what I thought are my own computing needs.  This may sound silly, but I bought the laptop so I can shlep it to the Apple store for my weekly computer lessons, and no longer shlep in my large desktop iMac from my house and car and shopping mall parking lot, which is what I have been doing for 34 weeks.  On my husband’s birthday, I am taking my lessons, and I do think he would have been pleased with my computer accomplishments. My Apple trainers surely are. J

May 2011
Yesod sh b'Tiferet 
Kabbalistic Sephirotic Counting of the Omer day 20

photo collage, Joy Krauthammer ©

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