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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Upgrade from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion

© Joy Krauthammer

Each week I shlep into the Apple store
my big heavy iMac, smaller MacBook Pro and little iPod
(which will no longer 'sync'!)
as well as my sweater, notebook, pen, portable hard drive, flash drives, current projects (CDs), water and snacks to sustain me
 to meet the lion Apple trainers!
I bought the smaller Apple computer so I would only shlep that one, but now I shlep BOTH!

Upgrade from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion

- Joy Krauthammer

Yes, there's a learning curve (as my daughter warned me at original Apple purchase time), and I already met that when I bought my first iMac 23 months ago. Much is different now due to the upgrade on my computer, but I had to make the change. Several weeks ago, Mobile Me with its iCloud ended for everyone leaving me unsync'ed for over a month. (I would calendar items on iMac but when I looked at MacBook Pro, no calendar events were listed, etc. Photos added and edited on Apple laptop while on holiday, never made it automatically to the iMac where I do most of my creative work.)

'Single users' wouldn't know the feeling of being out of sync, but with 3 devices, 'no more sync'ing' caused problems for me. Feeling like an Olympics diver (in London this week), I took the plunge, paid for the upgrade from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion, and hit the button "upgrade."  Simple. No gold medals. Just lots of new questions and new ways of doing. 

When 23 months ago I told my daughter that I wanted for the first time to purchase a Mac, she said to me, "Mom, don't do it; it's a learning curve!"
I'm still learning on both my Macs, and taking on the challenges.  :)  I'm amazed when I see real smiling senior citizens sitting on the Apple stools, creating away.

I love my Apple store trainers, and always feel that I'm in the TV CHEERS bar because I sit on a stool and everyone knows my name and greets me! Now I'm a Mountain Lion customer. Hear me roar.


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